Saturday, December 12, 2009


Let's see.... Where do I begin???

1. Robert and I were just crazy enough to get out in this crappy weather to head to Hattiesburg (of all places) so that we could take the boys to a friend's daughter's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.
2. We (really I, cause I don't do late very well) were a bit concerned if we were going to be on time or not. Well, we were right on time. AND, other than our friend and her children, and her cousin, we were one of the first to arrive.
3. We sat our stuff in several chairs to save our places. She gave us the boys' tokens and we went off as a family to play some games before the pizza arrived. Luckily at a certain point, we decided to check back to see if the pizza was out. No announcement was ever made for us to return to the table for pizza. (Every other time I've been in a CEC, whether for a party or not, I have heard them make an announcement when it's pizza time.) Otherwise, if we hadn't checked back, the boys would have had no pizza. As it was, other attendees (mainly the adult extended family members) ate most of the pizza before the boys ever got their first bite.
4. BTW, forgot to mention that one of the attendees (a "lady" that I don't know) had the audacity to pick up MY purse and Robert's camera and move it to the next chair, WITH me standing right there, WITHOUT asking me first, so her daughter could sit in what was supposed to be our chair.
5. I've always (and Robert has too) thought that a child's birthday party is supposed to be about the kids. Well, our kids didn't even get to sit with the other children at the party. We were basically banished to the far end of the long table and had to fend for ourselves.
6. If you can't tell by now, we (and I DO mean WE) are NOT happy about the way things went today. Especially since we drove over 90 miles ONE WAY to be able to attend this party!
7. I totally understand that things get hectic and the host/hostess can't always chat for any real length of time with any one particular guest. But we really got the brush off today. I'm not sure I ever even heard a "Thanks for coming!"
8. I AM thankful, that in spite of everything else, our boys had a decent time and are too young to understand the snub that happened to us today. Plus, the gift we selected was a huge hit with the birthday girl. And it's not that sweet angel's fault that we were treated the way we were.....
9. If you want to comment, please feel free. If you have any birthday party disasters, etc. to share, go ahead. It'll help get my mind off the fact that we basically wasted a whole lotta' gas to go to Hattiesburg for a party, and had to stop at Newk's in D'Iberville on the way home to get a decent meal. (By the way, the Newk's Q sandwich was FANTASTIC!!!)
10. This is the only blog I'll do about today's fiasco. Anything else will be all about Christmas, my oldest "baby" turning 3 on the 31st, etc. etc....


Friday, November 6, 2009


about the tragedy at Fort Hood, TX.

Thoughts and prayers go out to the injured and deceased and their families and friends.

My stepbrother was stationed at Fort Hood in the early '90's. My stepdad and I went out to visit right after his son was born in July of 1993. I was chatting with my stepbrother on FB just a little while ago. He originally was supposed to be deployed overseas again, but ended up not having to go. Some of the guys that he was supposed to be with were some of the ones who got shot. That's all I know for now. Just please continue to pray for all the innocent people affected by this tragedy. God hears our prayers!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Healthy You (Me)...

Went for my Healthy You visit on Thursday. My cholesterol level is rather high, enough so to warrant the Dr. prescribing a low-dose of a cholesterol-lowering medication. (Thank goodness for generics! I can get my Rx at work for a little over $2, almost $5 less than our insurance copay of $7 for generics.) However, if I am diligent enough with diet and exercise, I won't have to be on the cholesterol med long term.

I am also supposed to start taking Fish Oil 3 caps/day, a fiber tablet, a multivitamin, and Flax Seed (Rouse's sells some kind of "meal" that you can sprinkle on your oatmeal, yogurt, etc....) I intend to follow my Dr.'s instructions, 'cause he knows what he's talking about. And I like that he was very open and honest with me about my cholesterol, as well as my weight and BP. My BP was slightly elevated, but not to the point of needing medication. With diet and exercise, it will be easier to control. As far as actual weight loss, I do qualify for the surgery, but am currently opting to try diet & exercise first. If, in a couple of years, I still haven't lost a significant amount, then I will definitely consider my options! I want to do whatever it takes to be here to watch my babies grow up and have families of their own. But I know if I try hard enough, I won't necessarily need to rely on surgery....

I am also going for my very first mammogram on Dec. 2nd. Our insurance will cover one per calendar year once I turn 35. So my appt is 2 days after my 35th birthday. Nothing to be alarmed about. Nothing was found during the exam at the Dr.'s office. Just a baseline routine screening. :o)

I am proud to say that I am also still going to the gym 4 to 5 times a week. I fully intend to keep it up, because that is pretty much the only "me" time I get! ;o)

Just wanted to give y'all an update on me... I hope everyone has a fantastic week! Robert and the boys and I are looking forward to Halloween with The Toncreys and their other friends. The only drawback to all the fun is that Sunday morning (after partying, trick-or-treating, sugar-filled candy, etc...) is when we set our clocks back an hour. I realized today though that our boys will still be thinking it's an hour later than it actually is, so I am on a wing and a prayer when it comes to being able to sleep in an "extra hour" Sunday am.... LOL!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's becoming...

a part of my daily routine now!

I joined the gym last Tuesday, 10/6. I worked out that day and the next, skipped Thursday & Friday, went after work Saturday AND Sunday, even went on Monday, my day off from work, and yesterday afternoon after work. So far, since I joined, I have been 6 days out of 8. Monday I almost talked myself out of going, but I went anyway.

I haven't yet begun to tackle the food issue... Portion size, types of food, etc. But so far I am being consistent with going to the gym. Yay me! And next Wednesday at 4pm, I have signed up to meet with a trainer (included in my $10 membership), who will help me design a workout program that is best suited to meet my needs. Super excited about getting some direction from someone who knows way more than I do!

I also have not set any specific goals yet. But hopefully will do that sometime in the near future. Right now, I am just happy that I am sticking with the workout thing. I was especially pleased with myself on Monday, b/c I REALLY tried to talk myself out of going. But I learned one thing for sure: I personally can NOT work out on an empty stomach ever again! I'm not saying I need to eat a five-course meal or anything like that, but I need at least some nourishment before tackling the exercise thing....

In closing, I know this post may seem trivial to some of you who are going through some really sad times right now. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. If you ever need a friend to listen, I am here!

Amy Beth :o)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Member of the planet :)

Finally joined the gym today! Got a good workout in, so at least that's a start... I want to be able to do more things with my family. And I don't want to be so darn tired every day when I get home from work... If things work out, I am hoping to go at least five times a week, most likely MTW after work, then early afternoon on Sat & Sun... I'll have to figure out what works best and how much Robert is willing to compromise with me. Planet Fitness does not have a child care center, so I will be relying on Robert to take care of the boys while I work out.

Wish me luck as I begin my journey yet again....

Have a great week, everyone!

Amy Beth

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beautiful Weather and Some Quality Family Time!!

Yesterday morning, I went over to Singing River Hospital to help complete their pharmacy inventory. Once we were finished, a coworker/friend and I went to lunch. Then instead of going back to work, I went home early. The weather here yesterday was absolutely gorgeous! So Robert and I decided it would be a great time to take the boys to the park.

Evan enjoyed the swings for a while, then he kinda' hung out watching all the other kids. There were several other families there. And one of the older boys (a 9 year-old) kept commenting about how Evan was looking at him funny... I told him not to take offense (and he didn't) b/c Evan can often times give just about anybody "those looks"...

Robbie really enjoyed the slides this time, and was much more adventurous than when we were there last time. One of his favorite things seemed to be the "tunnel" slide. And, fearless child that he is, before we knew it he was climbing up the "rock wall"!

We were there for at least an hour, maybe closer to an hour and a half. I think we probably wore Robbie out, b/c he didn't give much of a fight when it was finally time to go. We went home to take potty breaks and rest for just a bit. Then it was off to Pizza Hut for dinner. The boys were very well behaved and we had a nice time.

I have learned that sometimes the simplest things, like coming home early or going to the park, can make you forget about all the other "stuff" going on.... I am thankful for my family, for my friends, and for all the beauty God has given us in this world. :o)

Happy Wednesday!


Monday, September 28, 2009

Persistence Pays Off!

Let me start by saying this: Certain things are better left unsaid. If you have any regrets, acknowledge them, then move on. But if there are people on this earth that mean THE WORLD to you, keep them in your life. Don't shut them out. Don't leave THEM behind. If somehow, along the way, you lose touch, look for them. Don't give up. If it's meant to be for your paths to cross again, you WILL find them. Maybe not TODAY, maybe not TOMORROW, and maybe not even for several YEARS, but you WILL find them!

Before Chris and his family moved to Ocean Springs, they lived in Jacksonville, AR. While in Jacksonville, Chris's very, very BEST FRIEND was Arrick (A.J.) Jones. When Chris moved to MS, I would hear stories about him and A.J. I had talked to A.J. a couple of times on the phone, but the first time I met him face-to-face was after Chris had passed away. We kept in touch off and on for several years, and then for a number of years (I'm not even sure how many...) we had no contact. Well, me being the persistent person that I am, I decided I was going to try to find him again!

I don't even remember how long ago I started seriously looking for A.J. again. But I will say this: Everyone has their own opinion about Facebook, but I think Facebook ROCKS! For the simple reason that just the other day, I FOUND the person I was searching for!!! Well, he doesn't have a FB page, but his wife does. And she has his name in parentheses beside her display name, so that's how I found him. I sent her a message telling her who I was and asking if I had the right person. She told me that yes, A.J. (who is now Arrick Sr.) is her husband and that they have been married for 8 years.

I then sent her a friend request, which she accepted. And we have chatted several times on FB over the past couple of days. I have yet to talk directly to Arrick, but I understand the reason why. He has only recently, within the past month, returned to the States from Iraq. And sadly, I learned that his mother passed away just a little over three weeks ago. My heart is hurting for the Jones family, for sure. Plus his wife just had surgery the other day and is recovering, so Arrick has been super busy being an AWESOME husband and father, taking care of their two children, a son almost 5 years old, and a daughter who will be 2 in a couple of months.

I told Michelle that I would love to chat with Arrick when he is ready. And that I would understand if he chose not to. She says she thinks he'll want to talk, it's just that he's been super busy. Plus, with having just lost his mother a few weeks ago, I feel it may take a while for him to be ready to "revisit" the past by reconnecting
with me. After all, the tie that binds us lives forever in our hearts and will forever be "17".

But persistence DOES pay off! And I am patiently waiting for the day that Arrick is ready to talk. I am looking forward to reconnecting and building a friendship upon a solid foundation. He has a beautiful wife and two precious children. I am so excited to learn more about all of them. I know Chris would be so proud!

Right now, I'm not sure exactly what I will say when I get to talk to him again after all this time. For now, I will pray that God brings Arrick and his family a peace that passes understanding. And when I do get to speak to him again, knowing me I'll probably talk his ear off! ;o)

Here's hoping y'all have a FANTASTIC week!

Amy Beth

Monday, September 21, 2009


Yet again, the Vancleave community has suffered the loss of one of their own. I did not get the opportunity to teach or get to know Chris Driebergen, but from what I understand, several of the students I DID teach were good friends of his. My heart is hurting for Chris's friends and family at this sad time. It brings back memories of when I lost MY Chris 18 1/2 years ago. Well, he wasn't just MY Chris really, but those of you who really know me UNDERSTAND what I mean.....

In the past few years, the community of Vancleave has had to endure more loss than any town should have to. Students, teachers, young, old, they have lost way too many..... To all my friends at VHS, you are all in my thoughts and prayers as you face the difficult task of saying "good-bye" to this young man, taken way too soon. I am praying especially that God will give you the strength you need to be a "rock" for the young people of VHS and the Vancleave community. We all lead and learn by example. They will need you and you will need them in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.

May God grant each of you a peace that passes all understanding.

Love and prayers,

Monday, August 24, 2009

An Afternoon @ The Theatre

Robert and I were actually able to go out on a real "date" yesterday afternoon! Just the two of us!! The boys went to their MawMaw's house. Robert and I went to a play presented by Biloxi Little Theatre ~ "Sordid Lives". It was FANTASTIC! A coworker of mine is involved in the Theatre and he had a major role in this production. EVERYONE involved did a great job! :o)

After the play, Robert and I went to dinner at Treasure Bay. We just went to the little 24 hour restaurant, but they had a ribeye sandwich on the menu, so we were super excited! Of course that's what we both ordered... We miss the ribeye sandwich from Roxy's (used to be in the Grand in Biloxi) and Steak Out...

Excellent play, good food, wonderful afternoon with my hubby! (He even took Sun. night off from work to be able to go...) We don't get to go on dates where it's just the two of us very often, so we have to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself... ;o)

Hope everyone else is having a great week so far!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Totally Random Tuesday...

Haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd write just a little today....

Saturday, we went to a birthday party at Kangarooz in D'Iberville. The boys had a great time (and so did we)! And we were glad to be able to celebrate Jacob's 4th birthday with him and his family and other friends. :o)

Sunday brought another birthday party. We went to our friends Chris and Jill's home to help celebrate their son Jake's 5th birthday. The boys racked up on candy when they brought out the pinata. And let me tell ya', they really got into that candy when we got home! Some may say "bad mama", but they don't eat candy a lot so I figured "Why not let 'em enjoy it now?" :o)

And last night, we went to Chuck E. Cheese for yet another party. Ginny's friend Stephanie has a little boy named Truett (sp?). Tru turned the big 3! We all had a good time, and even Robert got a chance to play some games and help the boys get some tickets.... :o)

Needless to say, we are pizza'd, cake'd, candy'd, and party'd out!!! But it was really nice to get out and spend time with friends. And ESPECIALLY nice that Robert was able to make it to ALL 3 parties with us!!! YAY for Daddy (and YAY for extra help with the boys)! ;o)

In closing for today, let me just say this... On the way home last night on the Interstate, I felt like I was the only sane driver on the road... I thought about how all it takes is one stupid mistake to cause a deadly accident... And I thought about how much I love my husband and my babies. Here's hoping we all can stay sane on the road so that we are able to celebrate many, many more birthdays, our own, our babies', and those of our family and friends! :o)

Have a great week!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Orange Beach, Phoenix, & the Lazy River

On Thursday afternoon after I got home from work, my sister and I loaded up the boys and all our STUFF and headed to Orange Beach, AL. A friend from work had a condo there for the week and invited us to come visit. When we showed up, I assured her that although it LOOKED as if we were prepared to stay a week we would only be staying one night!

We spent a little time in the indoor pool Thursday night. It was nice, but immediately when you walked in the smell of chlorine hit you like a freight train... Evan gave us a little trouble about not wanting to sleep (well, actually a lot of trouble)... So much so that his Aunt GiGi declared that she did not like him that day! (She has since come back around....)

Friday morning, after a fabulous breakfast cooked by Joe, Pam's boyfriend, we went down to the pool area. Robbie and Evan were still too young for the slide. There was a "kiddie" pool with a little fountain, but we skipped that altogether. We spent our time in the big pool and the lazy river. Let me just say that my boys LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the water! (Thank Heavens!)

A little before noon, we decided to head upstairs and have lunch. We fed them a "healthy" lunch of PB&J sandwiches and cheese puffs! YUM-E! After lunch, we headed back down to the pool. We stayed out there till about 2:30 p.m. or so, then decided we had had enough fun for the day and it was time to pack up for the trip home. Both boys were out cold before we ever got out of Orange Beach! :) So, Ginny and I went thru the drive-thru at Bruster's Ice Cream and got a sweet treat... (Shhh... the boys still don't know we had ice cream without them!)

We pulled in the driveway at 3020 Bonita at around 5:30 p.m. I think. Unloaded the boys and the car, and had a relaxing evening at home....

Phoenix on the Bay in Orange Beach is where we stayed. We liked it so much that we hope to save some MOOLAH and try to go there for vacation next summer! If you ever get a chance to go, do it! It's located on the bay, but it's not too terribly far from the beach. And a reasonable drive from Foley and the outlet stores... We've already talked about taking time out to go shopping in Foley if we go down there for vacation... LOL!

We had a GREAT time! Just sorry that Robert had to work this time around... But next time, he will DEFINITELY be with us! :o)

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sad Times :(

On Thursday, 7/23, it will be a year since my Aunt Shirley passed away... I still love and miss her. And I wish that my cousins and I talked more... Life gets hectic, crazy busy, and we just fall out of touch. But I think I need to make more of an effort to pick up the phone and maybe that would help us reconnect a bit...

On Wednesday, 7/29, it will be a year since Phillip, Shyla, and Haylie Van Alstine passed away. I think of them often. Shyla was an English teacher at VHS, but she was so much more to so many... She had a smile that could light up a room. I just wish I had gotten the chance to know her better....

The older I get, when someone I care about passes away, it seems they are taken way too early... Aunt Shirley was 62 when she died and I still think she was too young.... Phillip, Shyla, and Haylie were definitely too young.... While we are here on this earth, we will never understand why. All I know to do is to honor the memory of each of our loved ones as I go about living the rest of my days... however many or few in number those days may be.

To my Aunt Shirley, and to Phillip, Shyla, and Haylie:

As we mark the one-year "anniversary" (and I HATE calling it that) of your passing, please know that we honor the life that each of you lived. Each of you made an indelible mark on this world during your time here. We thank you for that. We love and miss you and will ALWAYS remember you!

1. > that cannot be removed, washed away, or erased
> making marks that cannot be easily removed (an indelible pencil)
2. > LASTING (indelible memories)
> UNFORGETTABLE, MEMORABLE (an indelible performance)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

This Boy...

was my best friend and my first love. Yes, even after 18 + years, I still love and miss him like crazy. We had some great times together, even after breaking up. :o) He became part of my FAMILY, so much so that my mom & my stepdad, along with my younger sister, grieved the loss of him just as much as I did.

Some may think that I should just "move on" with my life. Well, I am LIVING my life and I think HE would be proud of me for doing so. That does NOT mean that I have to FORGET about him. I love my husband and my boys with all my heart. I have told Robert many stories about this boy. We even talked at one point about naming one of our boys after him. Now I really wish we had. But my babies are Robert Kelly, Jr. and Evan Zachary. Their names suit them, and I'm sure Chris would be glad to know that! :o)

This Boy will always be a part of me. I will continue to remember the happy, the sad, the good, and the bad. It is ALL a part of me now. My deepest regret and source of the most profound sadness I may have ever known is the fact that This Boy NEVER got the chance to become a Man. I often wonder what life would be like if he were still here with us. Who would he have chosen as his wife? What would his children look like? What would he have chosen as his career? Would we still be close? Questions and ponderings that will never be answered or addressed... But I will always wonder.....

Christopher Joseph Hill, you left us far too early. You are loved. You are missed. You are remembered. Sometimes, when I'm having a bad day, I wish I could go outside, get on the riding lawn mower with you, and just ride and ride...... ;o) Maybe when my time comes and I get to Heaven, you'll take me for a spin???

All My Love Always,
Amy Beth

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Busy Weekend....

Well, at about 11:00 p.m. Thursday night, I decided that I was taking a 3- day weekend... (Yay me!) So Friday afternoon, my sister and I took the boys to Gabe's birthday party at Martin's Lake... My boys love the water, thankfully! :) We had a really good time and they were tuckered out by the time we got home....

Saturday we pretty much stayed around the house. Robert had to work 4th of July night, so we had an early dinner then sent him on his way....

Sunday afternoon, I took the boys (by myself) to Andrew's birthday party. Another swimming party, so of course the boys enjoyed it. My friend Dana's grandparents live in Vancleave, and have a huge backyard with a really nice saltwater pool. It was great! Once we got out of the big pool, Robbie and Evan played in the "kiddie" pools for a little while... Then Robbie decided he wanted to run all over the yard, causing me to either chase after him or keep calling his name to come back... I was just worried that he would get too close to the big pool, so I wanted to keep my eyes on him at all times.

Dana's husband Patrick is over in Iraq for the next year, and I told her I thought she was doing a great job taking care of her two little ones. Her daughter Bailey is just 3 weeks older than Robbie, and her son Andrew is ~ 2 months younger than Evan. It was hard enough for me to keep up with my boys just for the afternoon, so I have no clue how she holds it all together while Patrick's away....

All in all, a busy weekend but the boys had a good time, so it was definitely worth it! :o) Of course, going back to work on Monday was a necessity seeing as how the bills need to get paid. But I am oh so looking forward to Friday afternoon. I don't know if we'll be getting out and about much, but it will be nice to be home with my babies!

Hoping everyone had a safe and Happy 4th of July and a good week so far.....

Until next time,

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Date

On Sunday afternoon, Robert and I took the boys to their MawMaw's house in D'Iberville... Then we went on a date, JUST THE TWO of us... Our 4-year wedding anniversary was Thursday, June 25. So Sunday afternoon we finally got a chance to celebrate. We went to lunch at Beef O'Brady's (love their wings!), and then went to see a movie at the Grand Theater. We saw "The Proposal" with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. I loved it and Robert even said he enjoyed it. Very good for a "date movie" I must say! After the movie, we stopped at BOPS and got some ice cream. Then back to Robert's mom's to pick up the boys. It was a nice afternoon just the two of us. We don't get to go out very often as a couple. Most of the time, pretty much anywhere we go, we go as a family....

It looks like this week will be somewhat busy... Work all week, a birthday party on Friday afternoon at Martin's Lake, 4th of July not sure what we'll do 'cause Robert has to work, Sunday another birthday/swimming party... Busy, yes. But am I complaining? No way! It will get us out of the house and the boys will be able to be around some kids their own age for a change. Definitely looking forward to the weekend, and it's ONLY Monday!

Not doing so well on the weight loss front. But that doesn't mean that I have given up! I just have to get back to some regular exercising and really try to focus on what I'm eating. I already drink plenty of water while I'm at work, so that's not a problem....

Have a great week, y'all!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just Everyday Life...

Again, I haven't been all that great about posting on a regular basis... Lately I've just been working and then going home and "trying" to keep up with Robbie and Evan...

But a couple of weeks ago, I finally attempted to walk the OS/Biloxi bridge. The first time we only went about halfway then turned around. The second time we went a little farther. And then, on Wednesday night of last week, Robert went with us and we walked THE WHOLE THING. It took Robert and me 2 hours and 1o minutes to walk the entire length of the bridge and back... with rest breaks at every bench, and even a potty break at the Isle b/c we both had to go... Keep in mind that each of us was pushing a stroller with a 20-something pound child in the seat, so that probably kept us from going a bit faster, but it was a nice thing to do with the entire family...

I have also been going a couple of times a week (as my sister's "guest") to Planet Fitness in Ocean Springs. So far, the only things I've done are the elliptical (which is getting easier finally...), the treadmill, and the bike. I'd like to eventually do some weights, etc. but I'm not gonna' go to extremes. I need to LOSE weight FIRST, THEN I can focus more on toning (and by toning I mean getting rid of these nasty flabby arms I have....) As soon as I am financially able, I plan to get my own membership, that way I can go more often... Small steps so far, but steps nonetheless... :)

It also looks like we've got a busy month of July coming up. Two birthday parties (for friends' little ones) over the 4th of July weekend and a possible third birthday party sometime later in the month... But hey, it gets us out of the house and lets the boys spend time with other children their own age, so I'm not complaining! ;)

I am also supposed to be going on a trip to California either later this year or early next year, depending on when we are able to get enrolled in the class. I, along with two techs from Singing River, will be going to Mountain View, CA, for Omnicell training. Omnicell is our medication dispensing cabinet system that we have on each unit and the hospitals need a couple of extra people who are trained in troubleshooting, etc... Mountain View, from what I understand, is about 40 miles from San Francisco. We are excited and are already trying to think of things we want to do while we're there. If each of us is able to save some money, we might be able to go out a few days earlier so we can have plenty of sightseeing time... (I'm crossing my fingers....) I already know that I want to try to go to ALCATRAZ, and of course I need to see if I can get a really good shot of the Golden Gate Bridge... If any of you have ever been to SF and have some "must do" or "must see" ideas for us, please feel free to share. One of the things I am really excited about is that at some point I will get to ride on a "BIG GIRL PLANE" this time. Last fall when we went to Texas, we were on a rather small (50 seats) regional jet... So HOORAY for BIG GIRL PLANES!!! :o)

Hope everyone out there in blogger land is doing well. I know not very many people read my blog, but maybe one day I'll get a "following"...

Until next time,


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Great Night

Well, let me start off by saying that I must be a "maw maw" or something, because I was only able to make it till 12:30 a.m. at the Relay. I probably could have pushed myself to go longer, especially considering that there were survivors still walking at that time....

The team that I originally joined was very small... (Just me and the team leader showed up...) So we joined in with the team from Medical Records at SRH. We were warmly welcomed, and I got to put names to faces, and got to know a little more about the people I see on a daily basis. (Our office is in Medical Records. We're pharmacy people, so technically we're "squatters"...) One of the girls on our team has a mother, an aunt, and a grandmother who are all cancer SURVIVORS. And all three of them were there walking with us! :)

The theme for this year's Relay in Pascagoula was the 80's. Our team's theme was "Purple Rain". Our baton was a purple cardboard guitar with a purple feather boa as the shoulder strap. We didn't win any team competitions, but let me just say that "Purple Rain" ROCKS!!!!! :O)

The Relay was held under the big pavilion at the Jackson County Fairgrounds. I brought all the stuff Angie said I would need, but thankfully I didn't need the TP after all. The pavilion had restrooms, so no porta-potties for us... ;) They were supposed to turn all the lights off for the luminaria event, but somehow that did not happen. The candles were lit, but overhead lights were on as well. So you didn't get the full effect, but it was still touching...

I was talking at some point during the evening, probably right before we were supposed to do the luminaria event, to another girl on our team, Alicia. She said something to me that spoke to my heart, and was probably the most profound truth that anyone could have spoken last night. She said she cried during the survivor lap (and I did too) because there still aren't enough of them. I totally got what she said. Until we win the battle against cancer and until a cure is found, there will NEVER be enough survivors!

All in all, it was an awesome experience! One I will definitely look forward to participating in next year and the years to come. When I think of all that the survivors have had to endure, as well as those that lost the battle before a cure was found, my "problems" are miniscule. If you are like me, and need a little "humble pie" every now and then, this event should do the trick...

Blessing to you all for a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthdays and Relays....

Well, Evan's party was a success!! :) Counting us, we had a total of 20 people, so a decent size crowd. We ordered too much pizza, but I'd rather have too much than not enough. (We put the extra in the freezer, so it didn't all go to waste!) And he received plenty of nice gifts... toys, clothes, and a pool! (just the right size for the boys to play in this summer...) Still can't believe my baby is a year old! Wow, where does the time go???

On another note, I am very thankful that in the past few weeks, we have been able to purchase a much needed new refrigerator and dryer. Our old fridge had been on the fritz for a while... And it used to take 2 to 3 cycles for a load of clothes to dry in our old dryer. Plus, tomorrow the Lowes delivery guys will be bringing us a new washing machine to match our new dryer... By now, they ought to be able to make it to our house from the Lowes just down the street with their eyes closed... ;)

The painting in the hallway bathroom is done, just a few touchups needed here and there. The new light fixture, hand towel ring, and towel bar are installed. We still need to get a new mirror and install the new faucet for the sink, as well as the hand-held shower thingy. But the bathroom is functional and we've put up the new shower curtain and rugs, etc... If I get a chance, I'll post a pic so y'all can see what a good job Robert did!

Last, but certainly not least, I am soooo looking forward to participating in the Relay for Life tomorrow night. This will be my first time. But thanks to Angie, I have an idea of what to expect and what I need to bring... Wish me luck! I am thrilled to be supporting such a worthy cause, and will be walking in memory of my paternal grandmother, Vernie Mae Moss, who died from breast cancer that spread to the rest of her body and in honor of my best friend, Heather, who had and beat cancer as a teenager, and is one of the strongest women I know!

Blessings to all of you for a wonderful weekend! :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Haven't blogged in quite some time. Just been busy, and there's probably not anybody who cares whether I post something on a regular basis or not...

Haven't been doing a whole lot of exciting stuff, but we are gearing up for Evan's 1st Birthday Party this Saturday. Hard to believe our baby will be a year old already! When they say time flies, you better believe it does! ;) Looks like we are expecting a good turnout for his party, minus just a few... I am NOT a mean person, contrary to what some may think or say... But, Robert and I are NOT made of $$$ and when we send out a limited number of invitations, we have our reasons. The people that we care about and that care about us will be there and that's what counts!

We are also in the process of redoing our hallway bathroom. Robert spent several days off and on taking down the wallpaper that the previous owners had put up. We (well, Robert really) are painting and putting in a new light fixture, faucet for the sink, and handheld shower thingy... Plus a new shower curtain, rugs, etc. We'll probably put the old mirror back up until we can get around to finding the time and $$ to find a nice one to go with the new look. I am hoping the majority of the work will be done before Evan's party on Saturday, so that our guests can see it...

Just one more thing I have to get off my chest and then I'll end my post for today... Robert and I are NOT rich monetarily, probably never will be. BUT we love each other and our children and will never let them do without the necessities and most of what they want, as long as we can afford it. Robert and I both work FULL TIME jobs, and he actually works the weekend overnight shift so that he can stay home with the boys during the day while I'm at work. It can be a struggle at times, but we do the best we can. It just really bugs the daylights out of me that some people can be sooooo irresponsible, and yet still be so smug and "holier than thou". If you care to know more, I'll tell you. But not here. Because I'm not stupid....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I haven't posted a blog in about a month and half now. Because I am a slacker and I am really bad about not finishing what I start....

Yesterday, I did my employee wellness screening (required by our insurance at work). I forewarned the lady who did my blood pressure that I would need a larger cuff. (We all know I'm not skinny!!) Well, the first time she tried to take a measurement, that thing squeezed my left arm so tight I thought my arm was gonna' fall off! So... she decides to let me rest a minute then uses my right arm to take the measurement. Not much better, and it still hurt like hell! :( My blood pressure measured in the prehypertensive range. But, the only time I've ever had a serious problem with my blood pressure was during the last part of my pregnancy with Evan. Normally, my bp runs in the 110-something / 70-something.

Next on the agenda was having my blood drawn, so they could check my blood glucose, cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglycerides. I already know that they're gonna' have a hard time finding a good vein. My veins are small, and they like to roll, almost like they're playing hide and seek with the phlebotomist. Well, I wasn't stuck once. I wasn't stuck twice. I was stuck THREE TIMES before they found a good vein..... (On the inside of my right wrist, might I add!) Blood test results should arrive in the mail within 4 weeks. I'm not concerned about blood glucose. I have never had a problem with that. But I'm pretty sure the other numbers are gonna' be bad.

Next they measured my height. I am not 5' 5" as I have thought for years. (BTW, my driver's license says I'm 5' 7"!) I have lost an inch somewhere along the way. (If only it could have been an inch off my waistline instead of my height!) I am 5' 4". And last, but certainly not least, I had to get on the scale. Normally, I would not make my weight known. But I will here, simply for the fact that maybe it will hold me more accountable to myself and my family. I owe them the best me I can possibly give, after all. I currently weigh 293 lbs.

All that being said, I know I need to get off my fat @$$ and work on adopting a MUCH healthier lifestyle than what I am living now. I am looking for any advice, words of encouragement, etc. that anyone can offer. Basically, I need to lose HALF of MY SELF in order to even get in the ballpark of an "ideal" weight for my height and body frame.

Wish me LUCK (cause I'm gonna' need it!) and keep me in your prayers, because I know I can't do this on my own. If God is with me, at least I've got a fighting chance!!!

Love and Best Wishes,

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Just wanted to do a quick post... Robert had to work tonight, but my sister Ginny and I took the boys to the Gautier Mardi Gras parade tonight. We had a really good time. And for a two-year old, whose Mama didn't bring any toys for him to play with (Bad Mama!), Robbie actually behaved very well. Much better, in fact, than quite a number of other kids/tweens at the parade... The only time Evan really made a fuss was when the motorcycle cops were coming through at the beginning. Then he calmed down and we all enjoyed the parade. This was both boys' first Mardi Gras parade. I think I like Mardi Gras a lot more now that I have children. They got a lot of stuffed animals, cups, beads, etc. I just ate one of the moon pies and it was pretty good! :) I am all about everybody having a good time at Mardi Gras. But now I really appreciate it when there is more of a "family friendly" atmosphere.... :) Happy Mardi Gras, y'all!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh, I Am So Bad!

Well, I thought I was going back to the track this week. Didn't happen... There's always next week, right???

However, I thought I'd take the time to share a little "funny" about my boys. Let me preface this by letting you know that they now share a room. The other room we hope to turn into a "playroom" eventually.... Well, tonight I had put Evan in his crib and was starting to read some stories to Robbie. When, lo and behold, we see Evan's foot poking through the side of the crib. (Don't worry! He didn't get stuck...) So, Robbie starts laughing. Then we see Evan's hand several times. Robbie still laughing... Finally, Evan's head pops up above the bumper pad. And it's just too cute! :) I've decided that now Evan is "Nosy Rosy" instead of "Chunky Monkey"!

For anyone who might be reading, I hope you have a great weekend!

Until next time,

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back to Work...

Well, I must admit that I was NOT successful with the exercising thing this past week. I did not go to the track even once. I feel bad about that, and I intend to at least try to do better this week.
On a happy note, Robert and I had a wonderful time at the Krewe of Vesta Mardi Gras Ball last night! We had a few drinks, stayed for the presentation of the court, said hello to Allen, then we left. Next on the agenda was our "Midnight Run" to Steak-N-Shake. We left Pascagoula at around 10:30, headed for Steak-N-Shake in Mobile. Sounds crazy, and maybe not so exciting to y'all, but we've been talking about a midnight run to Steak-N-Shake for a while. It was just the two of us, so we went. The food was good, and the shakes were delicious. Not a healthy meal choice, but hey, this was the first night it had been just the two of us in a loooonnnngggg time, so we wanted to enjoy every minute.
Robbie and Evan had a great time spending the night at "Aunt Deena"'s. She's a big part of why we were able to have such a good time last night. We knew our boys were in the best of care, so no need to worry. :)
Well, I guess it's bedtime for me. Then back to work, and back on the track tomorrow...
Anyone reading, have a great week!


Friday, January 30, 2009

Not So Diligent This Week :(

Well, I DID go walking after work on Monday and Tuesday. But I have not done so well with my eating habits. Let's just say that I have a major weakness for chocolate and ice cream! Got a baby sitter lined up for next Saturday night, so Robert and I WILL be going to the Krewe of Vesta Mardi Gras ball. Going tomorrow afternoon to see if Mrs. Kay has something I can borrow to wear.
If anyone is actually reading this, I hope you have a great weekend! Both my boys are in bed asleep, Robert is at work, and I SHOULD be asleep. But I wanted to write a quick blog to update my progress this week. I DEFINITELY have room for improvement, that's for sure!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

2 out of 3 ain't bad!

Well, just a little update on my progress so far....

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, I went to the walking track again. Still just a mile each time, but it's something. Yesterday, I left work early and skipped the track. But I did get to spend some quality time with Robert and the boys. :) And if my scale is correct, I am definitely losing some weight. I like seeing results and hope this trend continues...
Robert and I also have a little something to look forward to in a couple of weeks. We are planning on attending the Krewe of Vesta Mardi Gras ball. I am hoping that we really get a chance to enjoy ourselves... We haven't been out on a "date", just the two of us, in a LOOONNNGGG time! I'm hoping my cousin Deena will be able to have the boys spend the night with her that night. She's the one who kept Robbie for us the weekend that Evan was born. Actually, that is the only time that Robbie has ever spent the night away from us. So I'm crossing my fingers that she'll be available to care for our boys...
I hope all is well with those of you who may end up reading this. Have a great weekend!

Until next time,

Thursday, January 15, 2009

3 Days in a Row!

Well, I am definitely taking the first steps to a healthier lifestyle. On Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday of this week, I went to the track after work and walked one mile each day. I know that may not be much of an effort for some, but for me it was a great start!
Then this morning, when I was clocking in for work, I noticed a flyer for the 2009 Jackson County Heart Walk. Immediately I said to myself, "I've got to do this!" I still need to get the registration info, but I've talked to Robert and we have decided that we will both participate and bring the boys along with us. From what I understand, there is no entry fee. We just have to help raise money to support a VERY GOOD cause, the fight against heart disease and stroke!
I am somewhat of an emotional person, and for a good part of the morning at work, I was either in tears or fighting back the tears. Some of you may not know this, but my mother died at the age of 47, from a heart attack. She had heart problems for several years before she passed away... In 1995, she was in the hospital over the Thanksgiving holiday for heart-related problems. The last time I saw my mother alive was the Sunday after Thanksgiving, when I left her hospital room to head back up to school at Ole Miss. She was released from the hospital the next day, but was trying to put off having surgery until "after Christmas". Well..... "after Christmas" never came for her. My mother passed away on December 8, 1995, just eight days after I had turned 21, and just exactly one month before her own 48th birthday.
I still love and miss her now as much as I did back then. I will walk in memory of her and in memory of Kelly Ray Whipple, Jr. (My cousin Deena's first-born son who had numerous heart problems from birth, and passed away when he was just a little over two years old.)
For anyone who reads this, may God place a special blessing on you and your loved ones... Never take for granted that you'll have another opportunity to say "I Love You"... Say it today to the ones you care about, for we are not promised tomorrow.

Love in Christ,

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So...Where to begin???

Well, I have always believed that "Everything happens for a reason."
I don't know what it is about the year 2009, maybe the fact that I will turn 35 this November? I promise I'm going somewhere with this, really.
When God decides that it's my time to go, I'm ready. But I simply REFUSE to accelerate the process any longer!!!

2009 is MY year! For a long time now, I have been very unhappy with myself... I could spend hours upon hours trying to figure out how I allowed my weight to spin out of control. But where would that get me? I want to be able to play with my boys, enjoy spending time with my husband, and like what I see when I look in the mirror.

I am hesitant to set a specific weight loss goal, for fear of being disappointed should I fall short. What I HAVE decided to do is to start small. My "plan" is to go to the walking track next door to the hospital after work on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. I am still trying to figure out what I can do on the other days.

I also have not chosen to follow a specific "diet plan". Baby steps, right now. I feel like once I get moving, that will be motivation to begin implementing a better lifestyle.

I have chosen to blog about my journey so that I am held ACCOUNTABLE. Thank you for reading and please feel free to share any comments or suggestions.....