Thursday, January 15, 2009

3 Days in a Row!

Well, I am definitely taking the first steps to a healthier lifestyle. On Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday of this week, I went to the track after work and walked one mile each day. I know that may not be much of an effort for some, but for me it was a great start!
Then this morning, when I was clocking in for work, I noticed a flyer for the 2009 Jackson County Heart Walk. Immediately I said to myself, "I've got to do this!" I still need to get the registration info, but I've talked to Robert and we have decided that we will both participate and bring the boys along with us. From what I understand, there is no entry fee. We just have to help raise money to support a VERY GOOD cause, the fight against heart disease and stroke!
I am somewhat of an emotional person, and for a good part of the morning at work, I was either in tears or fighting back the tears. Some of you may not know this, but my mother died at the age of 47, from a heart attack. She had heart problems for several years before she passed away... In 1995, she was in the hospital over the Thanksgiving holiday for heart-related problems. The last time I saw my mother alive was the Sunday after Thanksgiving, when I left her hospital room to head back up to school at Ole Miss. She was released from the hospital the next day, but was trying to put off having surgery until "after Christmas". Well..... "after Christmas" never came for her. My mother passed away on December 8, 1995, just eight days after I had turned 21, and just exactly one month before her own 48th birthday.
I still love and miss her now as much as I did back then. I will walk in memory of her and in memory of Kelly Ray Whipple, Jr. (My cousin Deena's first-born son who had numerous heart problems from birth, and passed away when he was just a little over two years old.)
For anyone who reads this, may God place a special blessing on you and your loved ones... Never take for granted that you'll have another opportunity to say "I Love You"... Say it today to the ones you care about, for we are not promised tomorrow.

Love in Christ,