Monday, August 24, 2009

An Afternoon @ The Theatre

Robert and I were actually able to go out on a real "date" yesterday afternoon! Just the two of us!! The boys went to their MawMaw's house. Robert and I went to a play presented by Biloxi Little Theatre ~ "Sordid Lives". It was FANTASTIC! A coworker of mine is involved in the Theatre and he had a major role in this production. EVERYONE involved did a great job! :o)

After the play, Robert and I went to dinner at Treasure Bay. We just went to the little 24 hour restaurant, but they had a ribeye sandwich on the menu, so we were super excited! Of course that's what we both ordered... We miss the ribeye sandwich from Roxy's (used to be in the Grand in Biloxi) and Steak Out...

Excellent play, good food, wonderful afternoon with my hubby! (He even took Sun. night off from work to be able to go...) We don't get to go on dates where it's just the two of us very often, so we have to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself... ;o)

Hope everyone else is having a great week so far!


Monica said...

Taking time out for each other is vital! Good job!