Thursday, March 18, 2010


1. Posted since January
2. Yet lost the weight I need to lose to get to a "healthy" number
3. Been to the gym at all this week
4. Quite adjusted to the time change yet
5. Been feeling well today
6. Had a girls' night in forever....
7. Seen a movie at the movie theater in several months
8. Gotten tired of coming home from work and hearing Robbie "spill the beans" about everything they've done that day
9. Put the boys to bed yet
10. Forgotten and NEVER will forget my FIRST LOVE. Yes, by God's grace, I've been fortunate to be able to move on and get married and have a family. I love my husband and our boys with all my heart. But that does NOT mean that my memories of Chris will ever fade. Here's to one of the cutest, funniest, most "people-loving" guys I have ever known! Our loss 19 years ago was Heaven's gain. And we WILL see you again. This I KNOW for SURE!!!

~Amy Beth