Saturday, December 12, 2009


Let's see.... Where do I begin???

1. Robert and I were just crazy enough to get out in this crappy weather to head to Hattiesburg (of all places) so that we could take the boys to a friend's daughter's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.
2. We (really I, cause I don't do late very well) were a bit concerned if we were going to be on time or not. Well, we were right on time. AND, other than our friend and her children, and her cousin, we were one of the first to arrive.
3. We sat our stuff in several chairs to save our places. She gave us the boys' tokens and we went off as a family to play some games before the pizza arrived. Luckily at a certain point, we decided to check back to see if the pizza was out. No announcement was ever made for us to return to the table for pizza. (Every other time I've been in a CEC, whether for a party or not, I have heard them make an announcement when it's pizza time.) Otherwise, if we hadn't checked back, the boys would have had no pizza. As it was, other attendees (mainly the adult extended family members) ate most of the pizza before the boys ever got their first bite.
4. BTW, forgot to mention that one of the attendees (a "lady" that I don't know) had the audacity to pick up MY purse and Robert's camera and move it to the next chair, WITH me standing right there, WITHOUT asking me first, so her daughter could sit in what was supposed to be our chair.
5. I've always (and Robert has too) thought that a child's birthday party is supposed to be about the kids. Well, our kids didn't even get to sit with the other children at the party. We were basically banished to the far end of the long table and had to fend for ourselves.
6. If you can't tell by now, we (and I DO mean WE) are NOT happy about the way things went today. Especially since we drove over 90 miles ONE WAY to be able to attend this party!
7. I totally understand that things get hectic and the host/hostess can't always chat for any real length of time with any one particular guest. But we really got the brush off today. I'm not sure I ever even heard a "Thanks for coming!"
8. I AM thankful, that in spite of everything else, our boys had a decent time and are too young to understand the snub that happened to us today. Plus, the gift we selected was a huge hit with the birthday girl. And it's not that sweet angel's fault that we were treated the way we were.....
9. If you want to comment, please feel free. If you have any birthday party disasters, etc. to share, go ahead. It'll help get my mind off the fact that we basically wasted a whole lotta' gas to go to Hattiesburg for a party, and had to stop at Newk's in D'Iberville on the way home to get a decent meal. (By the way, the Newk's Q sandwich was FANTASTIC!!!)
10. This is the only blog I'll do about today's fiasco. Anything else will be all about Christmas, my oldest "baby" turning 3 on the 31st, etc. etc....



*Monica said...

Now that is really uncool. I don't know what is happening to the manners of humans lately. It is getting worse and worse and we just have to protect our kids and raise them right.

Manners are the basics of human relationships and they are just being ignored everywhere I go. I am trying not to get on a soapbox about it, but man it gets under my skin!!

I am so sorry you felt that way today and grateful that your boys were too young to feel slighted.