Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Don't Wanna

I don't wanna' rush things and it will be here soon enough.....

But once the Thanksgiving festivities are over, IT'S ON!!! :o)

So looking forward to the Christmas (Yes, I said "Christmas", NOT "Holiday") season!!! Christmastime was one of my mama's favorite times of year. And she was NOT a last minute shopper, that's for sure. She would actually pick up things here and there throughout the entire YEAR, so that well before Christmas, her shopping was done. This was never more evident than the year she passed away. I can remember walking into our house that Saturday morning at 5am, after a 5 hour road trip from Oxford.... Amidst all the family, friends, and tears, were all of our Christmas gifts, wrapped and tagged. That was just the way my mama was.... Always putting others ahead of herself. Gosh, I miss her terribly, and can NOT believe that December 8th will be 15 years. But she loved this time of year and so do I. :o)

So, like I said, once the Thanksgiving festivities are over, IT'S ON!!! :o)