Thursday, February 3, 2011


We FINALLY have some GREAT news!!! Someone came to look at the house this past Saturday. On Sunday, our realtor called to let us know that we had an OFFER. On Monday, he called us again to let us know that we are now UNDER CONTRACT!!! Hopefully things will continue to go well and we should close by the end of February. :o)

Trying to pack up our entire life and family and getting rid of stuff we no longer or never used is a BIG job! It's not like we're moving 1,000 plus miles away or anything. But we ARE downsizing from a 3 bedroom 1,647 sq ft house to a 2 bedroom 1,280 sq ft apartment. Wish us luck and say LOTS of prayers b/c we're gonna' need them!

We are looking forward to a fresh start and hopefully a more relaxed, less stressed family life. Notice I didn't say zero stress, but I am hoping that we will have more time for each other and more time to do fun stuff with the boys. One plus of moving to our new place is the POOL!!! Can't wait to take the boys swimming this summer. :o)

2010 was not a great year for us. We are hoping that 2011 will be MUCH better! And if there are any volunteers out there that would like to help us move, just let me know! ;o) We would be happy to return the favor in the future if any of you make a move.

Happy Weekend, Y'all!