Sunday, October 10, 2010

Random Stuff

Hard for me to believe that it's OCTOBER already! Of course, we're always busy with work and taking care of the boys. But we've got some other things going on this month too.... :o)

My sister's friend gave Ginny and I her tickets to the Rick Springfield concert at the Hard Rock last weekend. We had a great time! It was nice to have a girls' night for a change.

Later on this month, I am hosting a Scentsy party at our house. Looking forward to some more time with friends and selecting a few Christmas gifts while I'm at it.

Finally at the end of this month, we are going to a 1st birthday party for the son of a former student of mine. I am told it will be a costume party and that there will be hay rides and tons of fun for the kids, plus trick or treating in the neighborhood.... :o)

November brings my sister's (Ginny) birthday, Thanksgiving, and then my birthday at the end of the month. November 30th... Two reasons to celebrate that day! My birthday AND the end of hurricane season!

Now I'm not a big fan of the stores putting out Christmas stuff before Halloween.... But once Thanksgiving is over, bring on the SHOPPING and the holiday cheer!!!! :o) I am a member of our hospital system credit union, so I do the Christmas Club where I have them take a certain amount of money out of my check every pay period. The money adds up, then we get it out at the end of October. Even with all the crazy stuff we've had happen to us, I SOOO look forward to Christmas shopping now because I know I can enjoy it and won't have any holiday credit card debt to worry about after the first of the year!

Rounding out the end of this year and beginning the next.... Robbie will turn 4, yes four!! on December 31st... Time has really flown by.... We'll probably be having his party the weekend of Jan 8th... We're thinking about a bowling party this year. Hopefully he'll love it!!!

If anyone is actually reading this, what holiday traditions/plans do y'all have? Would love to hear them.... :o)


Erin said...

Totally do a bowling party this year! Gabe was saying that he wanted to go bowling just the other day. He's only been one time, lol. I love having a January birthday, we get to do fun stuff. I feel like with Gabe I am forced to do summer parties because it's June and I am over the hot weather. Next year, I vote Chuck E. Cheese!

Oh and my fave Christmas tradition, my mom's family has Mexican food instead of a traditional "christmas dinner". We can put away some tacos, man. yumm-o!